Having tests and getting your results

Please note test results can take up to two weeks.

We will usually send a text if they are normal and will contact you by phone or text if the results are abnormal. The quickest and easiest way to check if your test results are back is to log in to your online account. Your results will appear once the results have been reviewed by your GP or clinician.

General Information about Test results

As part of the care we deliver to you, our team may ask that you have a blood test, swab, ultrasound, X ray or other test. Some tests such as blood tests for people over 16, we can do here at the surgery, some may need you to go to other places.

Once we receive your sample we will send the sample to the lab for processing. This can take up to two weeks for the results to come back and your doctor or clinician to review your case.

Once you receive your result and your symptoms persist or get worse then please complete a Klinik form and a member of our clinical team will be in touch.

Please note that we have a strict policy regarding confidentiality and data protection. We will only give test results to the person they relate to unless that person has given prior written permission for their release.

To access your results online please follow the instructions below

  • You can use your Systmonline account (or the Airmid app) and access the results from there. Please note that results are only available once the doctor has reviewed them. If you don’t have access to your record online, please request this in your online account or ask our reception team for help, ideally after 2 pm.
  • If you don’t have online access then please visit the online services page for information on how to get it set up.

Please note that the results of tests carried out during hospital visits are not sent to the practice and you will need to contact your hospital doctor.

Why have I been asked to have a repeat test?

If a doctor asks you to have a repeat test, it is usually because:

  • The result was borderline or unclear, and the doctor wants another sample to monitor the situation or to re-check the results.
  • The result is abnormal, and the doctor cannot interpret the result without further tests and has asked you to come in for more tests.

Please do not worry if the doctor has asked you for a repeat test.  The doctor will speak to you or request to see you directly if they need to discuss the results.